First Aid & CPR


We specialize in teaching in a style that is both informative and fun. Our teaching style will make first time attendees feel at ease and comfortable. We make returning customers feel like they have learned something new. Our goal is to make sure you not only take the course but also feel completely comfortable using your new skills if you are ever called to do so.

Our classes are personalized to meet your and your staff’s needs. 

CPR and AEDcpr2
This course meets all basic requirements, including OSHA standards. You will learn how to perform CPR on adults, children and infants. You will also learn when and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The correct use of CPR and an AED increase the survivor rate of heart attack victims by an incredible 70%. In addition to CPR and AED you will also learn how to help a chocking victim by using the abdominal thrust technique (formally known as the Heimlich maneuver). In four short hours you will be better prepared to respond to a medical emergency and you might be the difference between life and death for the victim.

Childcare Provider
Childcare providers require First Aid and CPR training that is approved by the State of California, and meets all of the EMSA requirements. We are certified to help you meet all of those requirements and provide a cost effective way to do that.

Health Care Providercpr3
We offer courses for healthcare professionals who need to be updated on how to perform CPR in the medical field. The course covers a wide range of topics, which include but are not limited to: critical concepts of high quality CPR, the AHA chain of survival, 1-rescuer and 2-rescuer CPR/AED, bag masks techniques, rescue breathing, relief of chocking, and CPR with an advanced airway. Be prepared at all times inside and outside the hospital setting by taking our class.

Community Member CPR
This class is designed for individuals who are interested in learning the techniques of CPR but who don’t need the employment requirements. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, teens who are starting to babysit. We can help you with all of the basic skills to respond to emergencies including CPR for adults, children and infants.

First Aid
The course covers basic first aid skills, responding to medical emergencies, injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies, all while keeping you safe. This certification is valid for 2 years and meets all regulations and OSHA requirements.