Listos LogoLISTOS is a preparedness readiness program intended for the Spanish speaking population that was founded in the Fall of 2010. We teach our courses with a culturally appropriate curriculum. The curriculum is in the Spanish language to meet the needs for those who are only Spanish speaking. We bond with the Latino community to educate and prepare them for any type of emergency or disaster that may occur at any given time. We have developed the curriculum in Spanish to make it one hundred percent effective rather than creating the curriculum in English then translating it in Spanish.

LISTOS functions properly due to the fact that it is conducted in a manner that is approachable and non-threatening to the intended audience. We have partnered with community leaders, jurisdictions, non-profits, faith-based organizations, schools, and other community institutions. By partnering with these organizations, LISTOS provides disaster preparedness information to the Spanish-speaking community. With a basic understanding of ICS (Incident Command Structure), LISTOS can instruct the participants in the command structure of First Responders, ensuring communication between LISTOS graduates and firefighters and police in the event of an emergency.